Round Two: Fight!

by Waiting For Darryl

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Darryl's back at it again with a second set of tunes...


released January 3, 2005

Ryan Johnston - vocals, guitar
Andrew Pippin - bass, vocals
R.J. Emter - guitar
Joey Ramirez - drums

Additional musicians:
Chad Yenney and Tyler Wells - additional percussion on "Harvey the Wonder Bulldog"

Engineered and mixed in December 2004 by Chad Yenney at Wintershed Studios in Wenatchee, Washington.

Mastered by Ryan Johnston in December 2016 at Studiopolis in Los Angeles, California.

All songs written by Ryan Johnston and Waiting For Darryl except "This One's For You" written by Ryan Johnston and Joey Ramirez and "Harvey the Wonder Bulldog" written by Andrew Pippin



all rights reserved


Waiting For Darryl Wenatchee, Washington

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Track Name: I Say, Goodbye
These weeks are tearing
at my will to smile
still I hold my head up
through everyone else's trials

Everything is changing
feelings of hate have surrounded me
and my heart is racing
to a time when I'll be free

From feeling like
my best is never good enough
for you and I
won't have to write a song like this again

And now the one place
where I find solace has
been disturbed by
what most brings me happiness

The only way to fix it
is the only way to ruin it
oh, and how I miss it
the times when we were happy
and I was free

And it drives me insane
the feeling is gone
but I'm still wondering
what your next move is
I think I want to help
but you won't let me.
Track Name: Hold Out
We've driven the tires down
over city lights like fireflies
only to land reluctantly
on this land I call my home
let's journey up to the step
I've made so many stories on
and we'll talk 'til my throat runs dry
about just how scared I am

These days, these weeks, these months
are adding up
These promises and fronts
are building up
And I don't know how much longer I can take it
and I don't know if I can wait until we make it
but I have to hold out for tonight

Can I hold you up to my bare soul
with your tears streaming to no end
and we'll talk of future memories
we both plan on making
Where will I be tomorrow?
Where have I been today?
It's all becoming a blur now
I'm dreaming as I'm waking

I'm right here on your path
I'd do anything for you
if it means my everything.
Track Name: Sasquatch's Anthem
So I see it's come down to this
the memory of a smile
I will never miss
You've cut your ties
you're moving on
I'm hurting and I'm so happy
now the page is turning

A new passage, a new chapter in my book
and I'll never forget you
A new feeling, a new sound, a new look
and I'll never cry for you

So now can I ask you to
take my hand, take me away with you
we'll never talk to anyone
I love this, I'm finally happy
read between the lines

So hard to understand but now I think I do
the only way you and I can live is
to cut the I from you
Track Name: Try
What has kept this conversation going for all these years?
Why must we continue screaming
through so much pain, so many tears?

It's all that we can do to make things right again
It's just an argument neither of us can win

Will this recurring pattern grow dark and old with me?
Love is all that keeps me going
the only light I see

It's all that we can do to make things right again
It's just another fight neither of us can win

Can I try to fix things this time?
Or die in the effort?
The last thing that I need
is to hear your voice again
Can I try? Can I?
Track Name: This One's For You
By looking in your eyes tonight
I can see the stars shine bright
and we both know twenty one's my limit
So if I can't handle this by myself
can I come to know someone else
on our journey home?

When will our paths cross again?
Will you still call me your friend?

If I could sell tomorrow to be with you today
I'd give up everything and ask you
if you feel the same

Word fly back and forth tonight
over this glowing water
when will my hands graze yours once again
So I'll take this paper from your hand
with a feeling I don't understand
on my journey home

I scan the crowd tonight for your beautiful smile
and bright blue eyes to get me through the show.
Track Name: 41141
When our eyes first met
I could not have guessed
what you would do to me
We went through our routines
it never meant a thing
'til one night it all changed
right before my eyes

And I told you I wouldn't give in
never have I felt this way before
and how could I have every known
you would save my life?

A year has passed us now
I've never slept so sound
and you are here with me
I just want you to know
I'll never let you go
and these words are true
and I will keep my promise to you

Life has a funny way
of sneaking up on you and blowing up
in your face
and life has a funny way
of making you fall in love
Track Name: By the Way, You're Welcome
A little while ago
a little idol worshipper came to me and said
in such and unsure voice
Show me just how you bring
all the songs you sing out into this world
I hear honesty
My heart goes out to him

And so he did his best
you know he stood the test
of making the children dance
and I am so proud
His head grows up before
his foot is out the door
oh, he is so great
my stomach is turning
and you know what I think

You owe everything to me
but I'm just saying
It's hard for me to
but I'm just saying

Now he's making his dream
become a real thing as he flaunts himself
kids grow up so fast
And they still scream his name
but will it be in vain
or will the world scream too?
Godspeed to you

And I know the part that scares me the most
is that I see a part of me in you
you have so much to learn
the role you seek is one that you have to earn.
Track Name: Still and Static
Now that you've found your tune
I will turn the volume down
I did not mean to speak my words
it's such and awful sound
Here come the fireworks now
could you just plug my ears
we both know if you don't
then you may face your biggest fears

You know I'll stay with you tonight
I do mean what I say
You know I'll stay with you tonight

I tune my radio
but all I hear is static
could it be all this silence
is starting to make me sick
What's that? I hear you talking
if only quiet words
this is what both of us need
to be held and not just heard

And you know these feelings
are unconditional
rest your head on mine
Track Name: Always Tomorrow
And it's alright
you don't have to make it up to me
alright, there's always tomorrow

One day not so long ago
while I was locked up in my room
I fell into an institution
a million miles from too soon
What is this? It scares me
but I can never run away
everyone here ignores me
so I'll just sweat my nights away

Only one more day
it'll all be better tomorrow
it couldn't be worse than today

Who are you? I'd love to
hold you close someday
Do you like this? I'd love to
and I was hoping you'd feel the same

And every single little bit of this is for you
and every single time I couldn't talk to you
and I'm sorry but you know that it's alright
Track Name: The Finale
You've always been somebody I could run to
my one true friend when no one else cared
but now the person I see you becoming
is a person who is never there

And I never wanted you to think any less of me
but I know there's no way to make you see

So farewell, goodbye my friend
I know this will all work out in the end
I know I'll see you again someday

So don't forget this like it's easy for me
this is the hardest thing I've ever done