Here's to the Neighbors

by Waiting For Darryl

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Recorded in one winter afternoon in 2003, this is the full length that started it all...


released December 30, 2003

Ryan Johnston - vocals, guitar
Andrew Pippin - bass, vocals
Wayland Martin - guitar
Joey Ramirez - drums

Additional musicians:
Chad Yenney - synthesizers on "And Now We Wait"
Adam Dorey - vocals on "Dig"

Engineered and mixed in December 2003 by Chad Yenney at Wintershed Studios in Wenatchee, Washington.

Mastered by Ryan Johnston in November 2016 at Studiopolis in Los Angeles, California.

All songs written by Ryan Johnston and Waiting For Darryl except "California" written by Bobby Morton, "David the Gnome" written by Javier Losada, and "Time After Time" written by Cyndi Lauper and Rob Hyman.



all rights reserved


Waiting For Darryl Wenatchee, Washington

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Track Name: Twenty Times
I've wanted this forever
fifty-six days ago
I never saw it coming
and I never saw you go
So I'll watch my shadow
and see my summer turn to fall

I can't stop it now, it hasn't even started
only you can help me now
it's everything I've ever wanted

So now we sit in silence as thoughts
thoughts are running through my brain
this time could be so different
but my efforts, my efforts are the same
so I'll watch my shadow
grow twenty times on this wall

Have I ruined everything?
Sometimes I feel like I did
Have I ruined everything?
Track Name: Tables and Statues
I see your eyes wander
they drift over the crowd
hidden under a lie
your thoughts holding them down
I can see you look so happy
I can tell you're oh, so sad
I can tell you hate yourself
is this the best you've ever had?

My heart aches, but it does not ache for you
my heart's longing for something you can't do

So now I'm left to wander
aimlessly through this town
tampering with my mind
his shadow brings me down
I'm feeling so happy
I've never felt so bad
Ooh, and I hate myself
is this why you're so sad?

Looking back I can recall a time
when you were second to none on my mind
what place am I?
Track Name: Never
On a night like tonight
it's hard to keep my hands to myself
your eyes look so comforting
don't look with them to anyone else

We'll lie here in disbelief
never let our time together pass
we'll forget it in the morning
it can't last

But you've got me in your world now
and I never want to leave
You've got me in your grasp now

On a night like tonight
it's hard to keep my thoughts to myself
your eyes look so calming
don't look at them to anyone else

Your beauty lights the midnight sky
your words pour out like butterflies
we could stay forever, you and I
Track Name: You Know It
I've never met anyone quite so bad as you
now you come into my life and I see
a better part of you anyway

Do my eyes deceive me?
Will they ever believe me?

I know it, you want it
can't have it, still want it

I've never met anyone quite so bad as you
now you come into my life and I know
we'll never find a better place to go, so...
Track Name: Untitled
The sky is perfect tonight
so we'll take in all we can
we'll find ourselves tonight
as we forget everything

I sit in reverence
of what lies in front of me
can I be ready for
these sudden changes inside of me

And it feels like I've lost everything
tell me, what is this purpose that I bring?
Look into my eyes and tell me it'll be okay
it's all I've never wanted to hear

How can I break this fall
when this fall is breaking me?
Why should I believe this matters at all
when you won't reach out to me?

The sky is black tonight
I've done everything I can
I've found myself tonight
and I regret everything
Track Name: California
The smell that's in the air
when it's cool and the stars are clear
the summer nights outside
just feeling that alive
makes me forget I'm not right here right now
I let myself get far away somehow
'cause I'm not in California

The smell of the tires on the street
or a familiar Pink Floyd melody
in my first sixteen years
I spent so much more time here

And life is so much harder now that I'm older
and all these things make me miss California

I can only feel in sensory
only get to smell or hear
or see some pictures from my childhood and life
It is simple when you're living in a memory
and I'd spend much more time
in California if I could

How I miss the summer rain
and how when I'm sitting inside I'll be okay
it reminds me of where my father is
in California, he'll always be there
Track Name: As We Drown
I do try
but I cannot see
just what you
mean to me

Now I'm drowning in the fear of what
has not become
now I'm hanging onto you out on your own

Things have changed
and I have found it all
you fall back
like it never even happened at all
Track Name: The Finger Song
I saw a girl yesterday
I did not know what to say
since then I can't get her out of my mind
is she so hard to find?

I saw her today
she's always on my mind

I saw her again just this week
we were gonna sit and talk and smoke and drink
but we didn't
since then I can't get her out of my head
does she wish that I was dead?

I saw her again today and
I saw her again just yesterday
Track Name: Leaving
These nights never seemed so long
without you
And these days never dragged on
without you

We've found our way
the stroke of midnight

These streets never seemed so tall
them and me to, I saw you
and these sheets never seemed so small
without you

We're falling
and there's nothing
Track Name: Anatomy of a Broken Heart
Just one wish (I want it)
for one regret (you need it)
wipe this blood (from your hands)
so we can live

With one single motion from
this awkward conductor
this beautiful play will cease
And all players with
continual motion
will no longer be

The pallet cleared (I confess)
and I regress (once again)
shade it in (the canvas)
so we can live again

With one single action from
the mind-altered performer
our sequel has begun
Green light shines down
upon me tonight
illuminate my everything

Prove me wrong
lie to me

And I know you
you want it to
And I need you
Track Name: Forever And (Bonus Track)
I'm so sick of seeing word after word
etched into this glass
and the undying fear of just where you are
and my future becoming my past

Why is this, your majesty
that I so love hurting you?

By now this feeling is exhausted
so I'm putting it to rest
Is this poetic justice
or have you earned my best?

This has to stop now
it's over now
this has to stop now
it's killing me